Céline is such an inspirational woman!  She is energetic, enthusiastic, and brimming with ideas.  She wanted to do something to celebrate her entry into retirement, and decided some beautiful portraits would be just the thing.  I thought it would be great to hold the photo shoot at Céline's home, as these surroundings would perfectly compliment her character. 

There were so many interesting art pieces of great sentimental value to Céline that it would have been a shame not to include any in the photographs.  From the statue of a bird that was made by her daughter at school, to a delicate little painting given as a Christmas present from a friend - all play a role in Céline's story.  


I am thrilled to have captured glamorous Céline through modern and elegant portraits.  What a fabulous way to embrace this new stage in her life!

It was wonderful to work with such rich and vivid colours, and whilst hand-editing the images, I felt like a painter!