What’s your name?  Amanda Richardson

What do you do?  

I am a colour analyst and personal stylist.  I work with people who have a desire to make positive change, and want to learn how to be the best version of themselves that they can.  I show people how they can easily feel attractive, comfortable and confident every day, whatever they do in life, from the business world to socialising or even regaining their identity following parenthood, retirement, or weight loss / gain.  It is all about getting in touch with your identity and reflecting who you are on the inside, on the outside. 


Why did you start your venture? 

I had my colours analysed 18 years ago and it had an enormous impact on my life - it gave me back my confidence and made me realise that I could still be attractive, and be myself, following the challenging early years of parenthood.  At the time, I’d loss sight of myself. My body had changed drastically (for the worse) making me feel unattractive. I was focussing all my attention on caring for my child and my own wellbeing took a back seat.  My mum and sister took me with them to see a House of Colour consultant to try and get my mojo back.  Seeing myself in my Cool, Bright Winter colours was a real light-bulb moment and I was blown away by the power of the transformation that wearing these colours made.  I’ve stuck to it ever since!  About 8 years ago my family and I moved from North West to South East.  I looked up who the local House of Colour consultant was, as I wanted to buy some more make-up, and found the current provider had been doing it for 26 years and was thinking of giving it up. I instantly felt this was something that I had to do, a chance to share the amazing experience that I had had with House of Colour with other people.  I was looking for more of a challenge and this was the perfect opportunity.  I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and love it! 


What do you want people to know about you?   

I absolutely love my job – it’s the most rewarding job that I could ever dream of.  Just to see the transformation in people, from when they first walk through the door to when they leave is fantastic, a real pleasure.  I am also a qualified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and I love Elvis!


What are your aims?  

To share the magic of colour and style with as many people as possible so that they feel wonderful about themselves.  It’s not about vanity, it’s about creating harmony between your appearance and your personality and discovering your own personal style.  I don’t push make-up and fashion, I advise people which colours, trends and looks would work for them personally. I want people to celebrate their individuality and not give them ‘one size fit’s all’ approach.  I provide guidance and help so people can see it for themselves and easily put what they have learned into practise.  I aim to inspire positive change.

If you could only give one piece of advice to my audience, who would it be to, and what would it be? 

To everyone – Be yourself, love yourself and avoid wearing black! 


My Personal Review

I was on the session with a lovely lady called Michelle who, after explaining that I was writing a blog about Amanda, kindly agreed to take photos while I was having my colours analysed.  We decided that Michelle would go first - Amanda put a white cape around her shoulders and front to remove the colours that she was wearing, and a white cap to remove her hair colour.  Amanda then worked through the different colours to find out if Michelle was on the warm or cool spectrum, by draping different colour fabrics around the shoulders.  I was encouraged to sit close by so that I could observe the differences between each colour spectrum, and it was really interesting to see the changes and effects of different colours.  After deciding that Michelle was on the warm spectrum, Amanda then worked through different colours to decide whether Michelle was on the Autumn or Spring scale.  Once I knew what we were looking for, it was quite obvious to see that Michelle was Spring.  Amanda then looked through some make-up to compliment this season.

It was then my turn in ‘the hot seat’!  I’m glad I had the experience of observing Michelle having her colours analysed before me, so that I knew what I was looking for on myself.  Having worked out that I was on the 'cool' spectrum, Amanda then worked through the drapes again to decide if I was Winter or Summer and we all agreed that I was Summer.  Amanda then looked at the make-up to compliment this palette, and showed us how the make-up worked well with the season’s different colours. 

After a light lunch, we then worked on our ‘ratings’.  We worked through every single colour within each other’s spectrum, and Amanda rated each colour.  For example, whether the colour was really complimentary and could be worn as a large block, or if it should be kept to a minimum, as an accessory only.  That in itself was very useful too.  We were also looking at colour combinations, and which colours would work well together as an outfit, within our specific seasons. 

Amanda is really lovely to work with, really approachable, comfortable to be around, not judgemental in any sense, and very understanding…she knows how inspiring the experience is, as she’s done it herself.  She appreciates that you can’t just go out and buy a new wardrobe, and she doesn’t expect you to do that.  She makes it all very achievable.

It was such a liberating experience to realise which were the colours in my spectrum to start with, how my colours were rated, and I can now have confidence moving away from blacks, and in choosing brighter colours that I know will compliment me and make me look good.  I’d not heard of colour analysis before meeting Amanda, and found the whole process absolutely fascinating.  I would definitely recommend this to everyone! 


For more information...

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