What’s your name? 

Holly and Ryan at Pure Power Studios


What do you do?

We teach 25 minute Power Plate training sessions, giving you a fast effective full body workout – exercising on a whole body vibration platform such as the Power Plate gives you an intense work out making your muscles work the equivalent to an hour – hour and half in the gym but in 25 minutes!



Why did you start your venture?

Holly has worked and instructed at Pure Power Studios since the very beginning over 4 and a half years ago. The opportunity arose to purchase the business in October 2016. Since then Holly and Ryan, the new co-owners, have built on the fun, friendly and personable sessions giving clients a great workout.

What do you want people to know about you?

Our sessions are for any age, any ability we have clients ranging from 16 – 72. All sessions are instructor –led and a maximum of 6 people per session giving the clients great attention in the class enabling the instructor to correct give advice on techniques and guide every person through their workout.

The Power Plate has an array of benefits here are a few:

·      Cutting your training time down yet still seeing the results

·      Increases bone density (really important to maintain as we get older)

·      Improves joint stabilisation and health

·      Muscle definition and strength

·      Improves flexibility

·      Aids weight loss along with a healthy diet

·      Improves cardio stamina (if you attend our cardio inclusive sessions)


What are your aims?

To bring Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas fast and fun sessions using the Power Plate giving great fitness tuition, encouragement and nutrition plans.

If you could only give one piece of advice to my audience, who would it be to and what would it be?

To everybody! We’d say don’t put off starting a fitness regime, start now, your future self will thank you for it AND we’re here to help anybody and everybody!

My Personal Review

I have been attending classes at Pure Power Studios for a while now, although not as regularly as I would like.  I love that the classes are short enough to squeeze into my busy day, but also very effective from a workout point of view.  They are challenging and varied, and there are lots of different classes to choose from.  The studio itself is cosy and the classes are small, meaning it feels more like a personal training session than a class at a larger gym, which certainly suits me better.   I'd definitely recommend it!

Get in Touch

Tel: 01892 537760

Email: info@purepowerstudios.co.uk

Website: purepowerstudios.co.uk

Address: Pure Power Studios, 16 Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU