Women are beautiful.  No matter what age, size or shape, all women are beautiful.  However, most women would say that they are not.  That they are too fat, too old, too wobbly, too wrinkly...  

...too this, too that...

When will we learn to love ourselves?!  I know that a lot of this judgment of self-image is down to advertising and the portrayed image of women throughout the media.  Celebrity magazines bringing women down for having cellulite, wrinkles, wobbly bits, eye bags…basically, for being normal.  And the airbrushing that goes on with celebrities and models is ridiculous – so much so that they hardly look like themselves.  And when they do look real, they’re criticized for it! 

As well as that, mannequins in clothes shops are generally size ‘0’, so we are surrounded by the visual idea that this is normal.  So, the pressure is there to look better than our best, all of the time – to continuously strive to be skinny, to be ‘airbrushed’ and perfect.  THIS IS NOT REAL!!  And it makes me sad that young girls and boys are being brought up in a world where they feel they have to worry about their weight and size from a young age. 

We must be the change that we want to see – we must show our children that we love ourselves as we are, and we do not need to constantly strive for a 'better' body.

A few other things also need to be considered here.  So many women say that they don’t look good in photographs, that they are not photogenic.  This is a misconception!  All women can look gorgeous in photographs, it’s just a case of knowing how to pose yourself to show your best side.  Also, how much better do we look and feel when we’re taking a photo of ourselves before going for a night out, rather than just on an everyday trip to the supermarket?! 

Another very strong factor is ‘memories’. If your children look for photos of you in 20 / 30 / 40 years time, what are they going to find?  Children think their parents are the most beautiful people of all time.  It doesn’t matter how old or young or slim or curvy they are.  They will just want photographs to look through and it’s important to make sure they have these. This is what they will remember and cherish. We must exist in photographs!

My aim is to take gorgeous portraits of real women, and I want all women to realize how beautiful they actually are.  And this is even better when we can share it with our mums, step-mums, nans, sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts, girlfriends… It’s creating memories for you to share, and also to pass on to future generations.

My ‘Womanhood’ luxury portrait experience is aimed at doing just this.  With personal pre-shoot consultations to make sure I know exactly what you are hoping to come away with, as well as making sure you are completely comfortable with me and the experience, this helps to soothe any nerves and allows you to fully relax on the day.  The session starts with a professional make-over, and we then work through your outfit choices with different backgrounds and the best poses for your body.  This is such a fun and liberating experience, and you will walk away feeling thrilled that you’ve invested time in yourself. 

After your portrait session, I will book in a Reveal with you, where you get to come back and see around 30 of the very best portraits of yourself.  These will have been hand-edited, to turn them from good to great, so you only see what others see of you – a beautiful woman! 

Why wait for a better time – accept and love who you are now, get your session booked in, and start celebrating YOU!!!

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Before and after images

Before and after images