Just after New Year, I was lucky enough to photograph twin boys, Harrison and Dexter.  As they were born just four days before my little boy, a newborn shoot was off the cards.  However, I managed to get them before they got too old - at just 27 days!  

These boys were absolutely gorgeous, and so different!  When I arrived, it was beautiful to see how the boys were cuddled up asleep, snuggling their faces into each other.  Needless to say, photographing two babies at once means double trouble!  I took my friend and fellow photographer along as my much-needed assistant, and, together with the parents, we attempted to feed, settle, wrap and pose the boys ready for photographing...but they had other plans!

Newborn sessions are held when the babies are less than 14 days old, as this is when they are sleepiest, and it is easiest to settle and pose them.  As babies get older, they become increasingly awake, aware and inquisitive, and more difficult to pose!  That said, these guys were pretty good, although they certainly weren't keen on being posed.  As with all shoots, I adjusted it to suit the needs and happiness of the babies, and we focussed on wrapping the boys and getting less posed shots, which luckily they were very happy to comply with.  

I really enjoyed photographing Harrison and Dexter, and the challenges that it raised.  It was beautiful to see how the boys were connected - I think it must be very special to be a twin!

It was also such a pleasure to be able to capture the little details that are gone all too quick - Harrison had a gorgeous sprinkling of milk spots over his nose which I couldn't resist. 

Thank you to Natasha and Jon for allowing me to capture your beautiful boys! x

The shoot took place in our home as requested by us. Jade bought along everything she needed to make the day as comfortable as possible for us and the boys. She was wonderful with the boys and gently manoeuvred them into positions to capture the most adorable shots.
— N
The photos were amazing and after some very hard deliberation we chose our favourite pictures to be captured in an album and a mosaic wall art feature. Jade personally delivered the products and we were over the moon with the finished articles.
— N
We have had so many lovely comments from friends and family about Jade’s photos. I’m so glad that we took the time to have a newborn shoot and we’re grateful to Jade for going out of her way to undertake it for us, especially given she had her own precious newborn at home.
— Natasha