Elijah was 12 days old when I got to meet him - he was very little, very cute, and had such a gorgeous thick head of hair!  


Prior to a newborn portrait session, I always provide guidelines on how best to prepare, and this helps the parents, baby, and myself as photographer, get the very most from the session.  Eli's mum had followed these guidelines and so when I arrived, he was just finishing off a good feed and then fell asleep - perfect for posing!  However, I only managed to wrap Eli and take a few images before he was awake again wanting more milk - what a hungry boy!  I love taking photographs of babies when they're awake as well, and Elijah was quite content to lay back and take it all in while I got some great images.  


Some more milk and a cuddle with mummy soon sent him off to sleep again, at which point I decided we would get some photographs with mummy and daddy.  It's such an honour to capture these early days of a family, when babies are so tiny and new, and pure love shines through on the faces of the parents, as it clearly did with this family. 


Following such a long cuddle in the comforting arms of his parents, Elijah was well and truly in a deep sleep - nothing was waking that boy!  I was then able to get some gorgeous posed shots, and complete the collection of images that this lovely little family will treasure forever.  This was such a special photo shoot for me to do, and I loved every minute - especially getting cuddles with gorgeous Eli!