Having been assured that there have never been any photos that Amy has liked of herself, I felt a challenge coming on!  I was determined to change that, and what better time to do it than with a bump shoot.  

At 33 weeks pregnant, Amy was feeling big and uncomfortable, keenly counting down the days until her baby is due.  However, she had booked into a salon to have her hair done on the morning of our session, and felt pampered as a result.  I'd bought a bottle of (non-alcoholic) bubbly and this added to the relaxed and fun atmosphere.  Amy also had some much-loved Louboutin shoes that I was keen to include - why not feel extra fabulous?!

Despite her concerns, Amy looked amazing.  We chose different outfits, locations and poses to achieve a different 'feel' to the images, and she looked elegant and glamorous in every one!  We had decided to hold the photo shoot at her mum's house, and the light was fantastic and really lent itself to beautiful bump photographs.

Like a lot of women, Amy doesn't like being photographed, and was torn between whether to book the session or not.  However, she also didn't want to regret not taking up this fleeting opportunity to capture timeless bump portraits.  I put her at ease by directing her into the different poses, and we ended up sharing a lot of laughs.  At the end of the session, she admitted that she'd had a lot of fun, and it wasn't nearly as bad as she'd expected.

Although this was a bump shoot, I also wanted to give Amy some photographs of herself that she liked, without them necessarily showing the bump.  It is easy sometimes to lose your identity when you have a bump, and then a baby - and I wanted this session to be about Amy as a woman, as well as a mum-to-be.  

I was able to present over 70 beautifully hand-edited final images to Amy, and she loved many of them.  In all, a successful photo shoot (and challenge)!