Phew - this photo shoot was energetic!  After a shy start, almost-five-year-old twins Sophie and Ollie soon warmed up to the idea of having their photos taken.  We started with a tour of the house so that I could decide which would be the best locations to use for their beautiful portraits.  

Sophie, being less shy than her brother, was eager to get started, and she confidently sat herself down in our first location to begin.  What a little model she was!  Seeing what he was missing out on, Ollie soon wanted to get involved, albeit with Mum and Dad in tow, and I was able to catch some wonderful family portraits.  

With excitement rising, I decided it would be a good time to burn off some energy in our next location - bouncing on Mum and Dad's bed!  Sophie and Ollie had great fun letting off steam, and we then counterbalanced with a quiet story-time.  The family read Ollie's favourite book - 'The Robot with no Bottom', which I must admit is now on my 'to buy' list!


I wanted to photograph the children with their favourite toys as a memento to this period in their lives, and I love this fun portrait of Ollie with Grover.

Sophie was keen to have the full 'model experience', so we set up a fan and I was happy to catch some timeless portraits of the beautiful girl. 


By the end of this action-packed session, the children (and I) were pooped!  While the children refuelled with some snacks, I managed to sneak in some time with just Mum and Dad, catching some lovely moments shared.  It was so nice being able to capture some modern lifestyle portraits of this family - it is clear to see the love and laughter that they share.