After taking his time coming into the world, Leo finally made his eagerly-anticipated arrival mid-December.  Allowing for the busyness of Christmas and New Year, I didn't get to photograph him until the beginning of January when he was almost four weeks old.  By this time he had filled out a bit and lost his lovely newborn baby wrinkles, but he was still absolutely adorable!

Leo was full of character and wasn't too keen to stay asleep for long, preferring to be fed instead!  The session was very relaxed and we took lots of breaks so that he could feed as much as he needed.  It also meant that I got lots of lovely cuddles while he settled!

However, Leo did succumb to sleep in the end and I managed to get some beautiful portraits of him sleeping.  Nicknamed 'Luscious Leo' by his Mum, he certainly lived up to his name!  Such a gorgeous little man!