Modern teen portrait Tunbridge Wells

I recently carried out a fantastic posing challenge, as set by the amazing Tamara Peel (  A ten minute mini-shoot where I capture as many different poses as I can, but the client can only move on the spot, and cannot be moved to different locations.  The idea was to challenge myself and think 'outside the box'.  The challenge itself, and the results, were really interesting.  

elegant portrait tunbridge wells
Fun and modern portrait Tunbridge Wells

In amongst a week of rain, we managed to find a small window of dry and bright weather, which we made the most of!  I photographed a young lady called Aimee, and chose a location local to us both. The blue of the garage door is a lovely contrast to her beautiful hair, and the fencing to one side provides a calmer background colour.  The garage door provides a nice urban feel to the images, which I'm really pleased with.

Timeless portrait Tunbridge Wells
Beautiful teen portrait Tunbridge Wells